October is Missions Month at LLC. Though as Christians we are always on missions, we take time this month to remind and rekindle our hearts to reach out past the church walls. We often think of missions as going off to some place distant. Though that definitely may be the case, missions and outreach also happens closer to home – even in our own churches and city.

“Reaching Out” is a five-part series focusing on 1 Corinthians. The church was going through an interesting time when Paul wrote to them. Corinth was a prominent Roman city known for both it’s material and intellectual wealth – but also for its corruption.

It is in this context that Paul wrote to the church reminding them the importance of church unity, sensitivity to culture, corporate worship and spiritual gifts – all as a way to reach out to those around them.

God has already given us the tools to outreach. Let’s uncover and implement these tools together!