Small group is a pretty big deal here at Lord’s Love Church and we’re going to be starting up our groups again this September! Our process for joining a small group is pretty simple:

  • Be committed and interested in joining a group
  • Fill out an availability survey here
  • Wait for a leader to contact you
  • Attend a group!

For more about our small group and what they’re all about, check out this page.

If you want a bit more information about this year’s launch, here’s some dates to look out for!

July / August – small group availability and feedback survey opens
1st week of August – preliminary meeting to adjust existing groups based on availability and feedback
2nd/3rd week of August – follow up with church members and contacting potential small group leaders
August 20 – Finalize groups and new small group leaders to get in touch with their group
Week of September 10th – Official launch of new small groups!